The Devil in the White City: Keanu Reeves will be the serial killer of the Scorsese and DiCaprio series


Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio's next series, The Devil in the White City, is finally moving forward, and Keanu Reeves will definitely be there.

The project is definitely not new. Twelve years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio acquired the rights to Erik Larson's novel, The Devil In The White City. In association with the legendary Martin Scorsese and the Paramount studio, the American actor thus aspired to adapt the story on the big screen, and to interpret the main role. Unfortunately, one hazard and then another gradually halted the production of the footage,until it marked an indefinite downtime.

Finally, it is the Hulu platform which, in 2019, relaunched the project in serial format. Leonardo DiCaprio now taking on the role of executive producer and no longer headliner, so it was a question of finding a new actor to lend his features to the main character.

A project so long in coming that DiCaprio and Scorsese had time to make another film together

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Since January, rumors have been going around that Keanu Reeves was in talks to join the show. And it would seem that the negotiations have paid off since, according to an article by Deadline, the flagship actor of the franchises John Wickand Matrix has indeed been confirmed for the cast. If his role remains unknown for the moment, it's a safe bet that Reeves will play one of the two main characters of the plot.

As a reminder ,Devil In The White City tells the true story of two emblematic figures of the 1893 Universal Exhibitionfrom Chicago: the famous architect Daniel H. Burnham (to whom we owe the construction of the first skyscraper), and the terrible H. H. Holmes, a young pharmacist who turned out to be one of the serial killers most abject in criminal history.

Keanu Reeves learns the news live

If the beginnings of the Devil in the white city have something to intrigue, it will nevertheless be a question of waiting a little longer before discovering who Keanu Reeves will camp between Burnham and Holmes. Indeed, the production of the series should not be launched before 2023, for a planned release in 2024.

The realization of The first two episodes will be cast by Todd Field, who recently collaborated with actress Cate Blanchett on the musical drama Tár. The eight episodes of the series will be written and overseen by Sam Shaw, the creator and screenwriter of Manhattan and Castle Rock. To be continued, therefore.


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