The Devil's Prey: A high-tension exorcism in a devilish trailer


In the Devil's Prey trailer, a nun attempts to perform an exorcism while being chased by a tenacious demon.

More than ten years after The Last Exorcism,filmmaker Daniel Stamm has found the opportunity to give us some demonology class at the cinema, and we wonder if we had missed it. Ever since the horror film genre clung to Christian horror to instill dread, the 2000s have been populated with exorcism films by the legion. After the Conjuring saga (the third part released in 2021), The Exorcism of Tamara (2020), Hannah Grace's Exorcism (2018), here comes The Devil's Prey for 2022.

A young nun, Sister Ann, pursued by a stubborn demonic force decides to join a school of exorcists. There she encounters a patient who is apparently possessed by the entity that is hunting her. Discovering that she is the target of it in all circumstances, Sister Ann must perform her first exorcism for her own survival. Here is the first trailer for The Devil's Prey.

Although the most worrying thing remains that children are interned in a religious institute, because diagnosed as “possessed”, the trailer succeeds rather well in its bet to give us some shivers of unease and anguish despite its hackneyed subject. Daniel Stamm had, in The Last Exorcism, succeeded in shocking part of his audience thanks to a tumultuous and trying mockumentary style.

Hoping that The Devil's Prey knows how to reinvent itself by taking advantage of the best of its predecessor, the film will have to be more than yet another bigoted and caricatural horror train to make an impression.

The Devil's Prey will be released in our theaters on October 26, 2022.


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