The diplomat spoke about the positive example of Kiev, who came to Prague

Дипломат рассказал о позитивном примере Киева, который переняла Прага

The Prague city Council took the example of Kiev, taking the decision to rename the square at the Russian Embassy in Prague in honor of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

As reported by the EP, this was stated by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebiynis.

We will remind, on Thursday in Prague on the fifth anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the ceremony of renaming the square, which is a building of the Russian Embassy.

According to perebeinos, speaking at the ceremony the mayor of Prague, zdeněk Grib said, taking the decision to rename the Prague city Council has found inspiration in the example of Kiev. Recall that in March last year at the Russian Embassy in Kyiv has opened a square named after Nemtsov.

From now on, the Russian Embassy in Prague is located at Piazza Boris Nemtsov, 1.

In addition, according to the Ukrainian Ambassador, from the Embassy extends Park Avenue Anna Politkovskaya.

Perebiynis also said that five years ago he as a representative of the foreign Ministry was one of the first in Ukraine to react to the killing near the Kremlin Boris Nemtsov.

“Just a few minutes after this tragedy, I tweeted that it was one of the few Russian politicians who is not afraid to speak the truth. I mean, first of all, the truth about the Russian occupation of Crimea and the war launched by Russia against Ukraine. It is no secret that the opposition of the majority of Russian opposition ends where they begin to ask questions about Ukraine. Boris Nemtsov was different,” said the Ukrainian Ambassador.

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