The disease is curable Zavorotnyuk: while the daughter of the actress is going to show, doctors created…

Болезнь Заворотнюк излечима: пока дочь актрисы собирается на шоу Малахова, врачи создали...

The disease, which may fights Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is an aggressive form of brain tumor will soon be completely treatable, which will undoubtedly raise the spirit of her and all around actress-of-kin.

Hope this inspire news from Belarus, where doctors said that he had found a new treatment for glioblastoma, writes resource “MIR24”.

To assert the possibility of a cure would be possible in the case if the relatives of the sick actress broke the silence and started talking about her illness.

According to experts, the tumor extremely difficult to detect at an early stage, and therefore timely to treat. If you do not remove it, then the person will die within three months, said the doctors. Belarusian specialists claim to have discovered an effective treatment using a new microscope at multiple magnifications have the opportunity to remove the glioma.

In addition, scientists have created the world’s first therapeutic hydrogel system, which is struggling with a tumor locally, the Drug, according to doctors, dissolves cancer cells, preventing relapse. Because of this the doctors were able to extend the life of approximately 50 patients for up to two years, according to experts.

At the same time there was also the hope that the current state of the stars of “My fair nanny” will soon become known to the public.

According to Russian media reports, the daughter suffering from cancer, actress Anna Zavorotnyuk will become a participant of the show “live”, where she will detail the presenter Andrei Malakhov all the details of the cancer star mother.

Болезнь Заворотнюк излечима: пока дочь актрисы собирается на шоу Малахова, врачи создали...

That is quite possible, says the producer of “Tender may” Andrei Razin.

“Nastia is now difficult times, including the difficult financial situation. In any case, the TV people trying to lure family car crash. In the case of a family scandal, the singer Lolita Malakhov has paid her ex-husband doused her with mud on show, three million. Me [Yuri] crankset watered for a million, “complained Razin “Interlocutor”.

According to the producer, Malakhov understand where hard, where hard so her daughter could transfer for a certain sum, as the family is now very heavily loaded financially. Peter Chernyshev does not work, canceled several concerts and tours.

Болезнь Заворотнюк излечима: пока дочь актрисы собирается на шоу Малахова, врачи создали...

“The most worthy in their family — they don’t ask anyone for help, as Friske that then turned into a scandal. Do not rule out that the family Zavorotnyuk will soon offer Malakhova, because the company he is rich. For them it is money and for Andrew — a rating,” said Razin.

The newspaper reports that according to his information, for the broadcast from car crash the family of the actress has offered 10 million rubles (about 3.8 million UAH).

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