The disease, which can trigger insomnia

Lack of sleep, according to doctors, easily becomes chronic insomnia, get rid of that difficult even with the help of medications. However, the lack of proper rest can cause such serious diseases as hypertension, myocardial infarction, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. British experts say that even one night without sleep changes the brain, whereby the person becomes more aggressive and sometimes loses his composure even in very complex situations.

Названы болезни, которые может спровоцировать бессонница

The study showed, many people are trying to sleep in on the weekends. On average, respondents said that on Saturday and Sunday, sleeping about 2 hours longer than usual. However, experts believe that this habit has a negative impact on health as baffling, the biorhythms of the body. Such people have reduced working capacity and increases the number of mistakes on the job. The risk of an accident from not enough sleep citizens increased by 2 times. Somnology note that insomnia is not only provokes the diseases stated above, it also activates the migraine, asthma, Oncology and other diseases.

If a person is completely deprived of sleep, he will die after 11 days. After three days and nights without rest he becomes totally incapacitated. Five days later he having hallucinations, seven — he forgets his name and loses orientation. After that, death can occur.

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