The disturbing news is flowing. Will the Poles face a blackout?


There is no doubt that energy resources have always been an element of humanity.

Disturbing news is flowing. A Pole is waiting for a blackout

Now governments in Europe are introducing a narrative in their countries aimed at getting people used to the idea that blackouts are normal. However, it must be remembered that this procedure was not and should never be taken as normal.

Analysts explain what blackout is. This is what is happening in many countries. What do they want to get us used to?

The authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia broadcast a spot preparing people for the basics of behavior during a blackout. Should we pass over this on the agenda? Power plant experts say blackout is the result of various factors, but the most likely scenario of power outages in entire cities is the coincidence of several outages at once. It has nothing to do with what German television started. Does that mean you should expect unexpected failures in several places at once?

Note that when the lights all over the city go out and it gets dark, only owners of flashlights, candles, and charged cellphones will be able to illuminate their surroundings. In the dark, when we are used to the fact that it is bright even at night, numerous unpunished crimes, the plunder of someone else's property and general chaos can occur.

The effects of the European Union's “green deal”

Do governments already know about upcoming sudden and unplanned accidents? Explains the analyst Bartłomiej Jabrzyk – However, winter power cuts occurring in a limited area cannot be ruled out. If the black scenario of the lack of heating coal for households comes true, desperate residents will warm up with the fastest and cheapest investment (a convector for several dozen or several hundred zlotys is enough) with heat – electricity. Old congested local power grids can massively fail, causing local blackouts , he explains, suggesting that long announced by clairvoyants and alchemists will be our fault in the days of darkness.

Source: YouTube/Joint Chief of Staff

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