The doctor advised the best “autumn” drinks for immunity

The doctor Antonina Starodubova advised the best “autumn” drinks for immunity. They will protect adults and children against influenza.

Врач посоветовала лучшие «осенние» напитки для иммунитета

The best “autumn” drinks for disease resistance medic called cranberry fruit drinks and herbal teas without sugar. The berry contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps the body cope with the flu. The composition of cranberries include fructose and glucose – a carbohydrate that provides the human energy. The plant is rich in micronutrients and low in calories. In the use of the berries does not increase the risk of obesity.

The doctor recommends to take the teas and fruit drinks of cranberries in the fall and winter. In the cold season, increases the likelihood of flu, because in the body there is a deficiency of vitamins. Cranberry is also used in medicine as a natural medicine against infection and provides a person with the required substances.

The drinks reception on the basis of the berries is prohibited in gastritis with high acidity, stomach ulcers and when taking drugs to reduce blood clotting, because it is fraught with urolithiasis. Before using folk remedies should consult with your doctor.

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