The doctors explained why it is dangerous to lose weight with activated charcoal

Perhaps we will never know the name of “wiseacre”, which first proposed a weight loss program based on the administration of activated charcoal.

Врачи объяснили, почему опасно худеть с помощью активированного угля

It would seem: why not a brilliant solution? Simple, cheap, effective (as convince us of many advertising banners on the Internet). Took a bunch of black pills and lost weight! Many women, desperate to lose weight other ways, gladly jumped at the idea of losing weight with the help of activated coal. And put your health in danger!

About the healing properties of activated charcoal
In medicine, this medicine is used to detoxify the body. Thanks to its excellent absorbent properties and porous structure of activated carbon effectively removes from the body toxins, for example, in cases of poisoning by products, alcohol, drugs. Charcoal prevents their absorption in the intestine, thus preventing the poisoning of the whole organism.

But there is one “but”
You dream about how to get rid of fat? We will disappoint you: the activated carbon does not break down fat, whatever you were told by the wise men from the Internet! According to the doctor of medical Sciences Shana Levin from the school of medicine in new York, this drug is sometimes used for lowering cholesterol, but its effect on the fat deposits has not been proved.

Moreover, administration of activated charcoal should be strictly time limited! No more than 2-3 days – the doctors say. After all, he does not act selectively, and along with the toxins, “washes away” from the body all the nutrients that simply do not have time to digest! Trying to lose weight, you’re at risk for hypovitaminosis, even if you eat a lot of healthy foods.

And yet, with a long reception of coal, impaired absorption of proteins and fats from the gastrointestinal tract. If you have a stomach ulcer, the administration of activated charcoal may provoke bleeding. By the way, if you have problems with the cardiovascular system you will also need to be careful with this drug, as prolonged intake of activated charcoal is dangerous because of the body leaches the calcium, so necessary for the heart and blood vessels.

Activated charcoal reduces the effect of other medicines. If you are taking birth control medication, the charcoal will negate all your attempts to get pregnant!

And it is also not all! Being practically healthy person, you are risking a whole bunch of sores, if you start to lose weight by using activated carbon. We present just a small list of health problems that threaten you:

Low blood pressure.
Reducing the absorbability of nutrients.

“I strongly advise people not to swallow activated charcoal by the handful, says Dr. Levine. – The damage from his admission exceeds the benefits. Especially if you are aiming to lose weight!”

Can you think of another, more secure form of weight loss? For example, exercise, adjust your diet.

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