The doctors managed to “breathe new life” into the heart of the deceased donor for the first time in the United States

Врачам удалось «вдохнуть новую жизнь» в сердце покойного донора впервые в США

The doctors managed to “breathe new life” into the heart of the deceased donor for the first time in the United States Author: Elena Abdulaeva Doctors “revived” heart Photo: news American news USA heart transplantation North Carolina USA transplantation

Doctors at Duke University managed to revive the heart of the deceased donor, using the artificial mechanism of the circulation, which continues to pump blood through the body once it is outside of the body.

When the body was brought back to life, it immediately transplanted to the patient who needed a new heart, and it is reported that the operation was successful. Experts call this a huge step in reducing the shortage of organs for transplantation. It is projected that the number of bodies will increase “to 30%”.

To get your heart back to life, doctors have used a modern technique called warm perfusion. It pumps blood, oxygen and electrolytes through the heart (not within the body), giving him the opportunity to start to fight. The method was first used in the UK’s leading hospital for heart and lung Royal Papworth Hospital in 2015.

The quality of the fabric of the heart usually begins to deteriorate even before the patient will be declared dead due to low level of oxygen to the heart. By the time the patient is officially declared dead, the heart is usually already too damaged to be transplanted to another patient. That’s why up to this point important organs such as heart, was pulled from a still-living donor, but which killed the brain.

At the time, until the heart is in the human body, the heart is stored in the cold and it needs to be transplanted within a maximum of 6 hours.

In the United States, a similar procedure was conducted for the first time, but in Royal Papworth procedure was conducted for 75 patients after clinical trials.

One of the doctors removed the entire (nezavualirovannoe) process on video and shared it on Twitter.

In his tweet Dr. Jacob Northern, Schroeder calculated that the new technique can increase the number of possible agencies to use “30%”. “This is the first time in the United States, an important step, because the need for transplantation is very large, but some centers in the world, including Papworth are already using this technique”.

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