The dog continually escapes from his yard to the fence to hug your best friend

Пес постоянно убегает из своего двора, чтобы через забор обнять лучшего друга

An example for many people

Animals, like people, are prone to feelings of sadness and loneliness. For example, dogs. They are extremely sensitive. In particular, this occurs when the lack of opportunities to play with other dogs, and not just go for a walk with the owner. Game with your favorite host, of course, deliver no less fun, however, the company of other dogs and is also important.

This story is about a friendly Labrador who loves to play with other dogs. Most of all delight in him is the neighbor’s dog Audi.

When the owner leaves for work, he becomes very sad.

They became friends with Audi’s, what better companions could be found. Once Audi’s very sad house, and his best friend rushed to his aid. These arms are impossible to forget, and some they do can bring tears of joy, because such a friendship is an example for many people.

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