The driver's error will cost him a lot. The policemen imposed an unusually high fine on the man. The reason is amazing

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What amount are we talking about?

 The driver's error will cost him a lot. The policemen imposed an unusually high fine on the man. cost a lot of one of the drivers. The man came to Zielona Góra to visit the palace in Zatonie. Unfortunately, he did not expect sightseeing to be so expensive.</p><h2> This is a huge punishment!</h2><p>It turns out that while parking his car near the object, the man did not notice an important sign. The driver ignored the sign B-1, which informs about the prohibition of movement in both directions. Interestingly, the penalty for failure to comply with this mark is currently not included in the tariffs. For this reason, the police could impose a fine of up to PLN 5,000, which they also did.</p><p>According to the police, the man parked his car in such a way that it was impossible to cross the access road that can only be used by emergency services. Moreover, the driver did not return to his car until three hours later.</p><h2> Police received many reports!</h2><p> <em> – The Green-legged Duty on duty received several reports on this matter. The witnesses themselves told the police that the car parked in this way blocked the access of the ambulance or fire brigade vehicles if someone needed help at that time </em> & ndash; marked the policemen from Zielona Góra.</p><p>In addition to the fine, the sluggish driver also received 5 penalty points on his account.</p><p> <strong> As reported by the portal “Życie News”: </strong> <strong> ALEKSANDRA KWAŚNIEWSKA PRAVALIĘ HASO STAY IN A VERY LUXURY VILLA. SUCH ATTRACTIONS CAN ONLY BE ENJOYED. THE BUILDING HAS A BIG IMPRESSION </strong></p><p> <strong> Remind yourself: </strong> <strong> ANNA KALCZYŃSKA SHOWN ON INSTAGRAM WITH AN AMAZING PHOTO. THE JOURNALIST SAID WITH HER BELOVED MOTHER. YOU CAN TALK THE FIGURES </strong></p><p> <strong> The “Życie News” portal also wrote: </strong> <strong> SMALL AND VERY DANGEROUS. FULL SUMMER, AND TICKS LOOK FOR US ALMOST AT EVERY STEP. THERE ARE WAYS TO AVOID BITING BY A SPIDER </strong></p><p> <strong> In recent days we have also written about: </strong> <strong> BARBARA KURDEJ-SATAN WILL SUPPORT & Oacute; WORK WITH RAFAŁ TRZASKOWSKI. QUICKLY CAME OUT TO JAW WHAT THE ACTRESS WILL DO. INTERNATIONALS HAVE STATED LOUD OPPOSITION </strong></p></p>  <script async src=

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