Home Science The drought helped. Scientists explain why Islam became so popular

The drought helped. Scientists explain why Islam became so popular

Helped drought. Scientists told why Islam became so popular

Oddly enough, the main reason for the emergence of a new religion was the unsuitable weather conditions of that time.

Islam spread much faster after its emergence than other religions. And as a new study shows, severe droughts have played a big role in this. They contributed to the destabilization that allowed “new ideas” to flourish, writes IFLS.

It took Islam less than 50 years from its founding to become the dominant religion in much of the world. According to scientists, this was the result of environmental destabilization in southern Arabia, which led to changing climatic conditions.

In the III-VI centuries, the territory of modern Yemen was dominated by the ancient kingdom of Himyar. Dams and stepped hillsides marked an irrigation system far ahead of its time, turning the semi-desert into a rich food-growing area and spreading influence throughout Arabia.

In the 6th century, a series of crises weakened the Himyar kingdom to the point that it was conquered by Aksum (a city in Ethiopia). Destabilization swept across Arabia.

The causes of the Himyarite disasters have been poorly understood by historians, but Professor Dominik Fleitmann of the University of Basel found a likely explanation in the Al-Khuta cave on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula by analyzing layers of stalagmites.

The growth rate of the stalagmites depends on the amount of precipitation falling over the cave, as each drop that reaches the ceiling of the cave brings more dissolved calcite, which lands on the floor of the cave. The oxygen isotope ratio of the rock provides additional information about the climatic conditions at the time the material was deposited.

The drought helped. Scientists told why Islam became so popular

“Even with the naked eye, the stalagmite shows that here there was a very dry period that lasted several decades,” the scientists noted.

The dating of the stalagmite deposits is too inaccurate to determine the date of this severe drought, but the proportion of decayed uranium left from the dry period places it at the beginning of the 6th century.

“Unable to determine from the stalagmite alone whether the drought coincided with the decline of Himyar, not to mention whether she was the cause, I turned to historical sources for other indications of the climate of Arabia at that time,” Fluitmann added.

Among these sources were data on Dead Sea water level over time and dust deposition in Lake Nour, Iran. Everything pointed to a drought around 520 AD that hit the Middle East, and in 525 AD. the kingdom of Himyar also fell, leaving Arabia to suffer the effects of war and poverty for a century afterwards.

“The population suffered great hardship due to famine and war. As a result, Islam found fertile ground: people were looking for a new hope. Something that could unite everyone again. Islam just gave them this opportunity,” the experts concluded.

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