“The duel around the world”: Joko and Klaas on the verge of idiocy

“The duel around the world”: Joko and Klaas on the verge of idiocy

“The duel around the world”: Joko and Klaas on the verge of idiocy

Updated on December 7, 2020, 8:41 am

    It is well known that the “duel around the world” is extreme, sometimes extremely brain-cracked.
    In the most recent show on Saturday evening, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf almost exaggerated his task.
    He simply did not expect that actor Axel Stein would really have let himself be shot.

A criticism

from Christian Vock

If you were to the question “So, what are you doing?” replies: “Oh, I’m 41, I put on a fantasy uniform on Saturday evenings and then let myself be abducted by aliens for my big TV appearance. Then I jump on the floor in a TV studio to catch a yoga mat as quickly as possible, which I myself previously per Dropped a remote shutter release from a tin to defend my fantasy world title against my best friend. “

If you then add “And because I don’t want to be monkeyed about alone, I’ll get a few celebs who swim with sperm whales, do gymnastics on rings over an abyss or let themselves be knocked unconscious at a World Cup in bells”, then it really depends very much on your own demands on a profession whether such an answer arouses contempt or admiration.

But no matter how high you rate the optimal meaning of a job, you shouldn’t be too strict with Joko Winterscheidt in this case, because if you judge television entertainment solely on the basis of criteria of purpose, it would remain much darker on the screens. Much darker. In other words: Yes, what Joko Winterscheidt and his friend Klaas Heufer-Umlauf are doing in their “duel around the world” is hair-raising, or as moderator Jeannine Michaelsen put it on Saturday evening: “The most extreme and stupid travel journal in Germany.”

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“The duel around the world”: Axel Stein should let himself be shot

What exactly is extreme and stupid about it should be felt in the latest episode, especially actor Axel Stein – and also that he is even more extreme than the show. It all starts with the remark that Axel Stein is not particularly tall. That may be true with around 1.70 meters, but for Heufer-Umlauf it was intended more as a basis for a running gag.

The moderator sends Stein namely for its task to Liechtenstein, the smallest country so far, to the Heufer-Umlauf and Winterscheidt have their prominent guests travel for the duels. There Stein has to drive in the smallest car in the world, eat small dishes, read a very small message – and of course solve “the smallest task ever”. The reason: “Everything is much funnier when it’s small,” explains Heufer-Umlauf.

What may be true of the small beer mug that Stein had to drink from does not apply to its task. On the contrary: “You have to let a sharp weapon shoot you!“That’s the challenge.” That can’t be the job! “asks Axel Stein, surprised when he hears that he has to be grazed.” Where is it legal to be shot at? “asks Winterscheidt nach und Heufer-Umlauf admits that this is actually nowhere the case, which is why he had to make a little legend for this task.

First Stein had to go to another country. There an anonymous employee should get drunk, be threatened by Stein and then let go of a chicken, which then “accidentally” operates a mechanism that in turn triggers the shot from “the smallest weapon in the world”, so that Axel Stein in the end a grazes gets the arm. Because: “Klaas is less likely to be sued if an animal hits you“explains employee Basti Axel Stein before the task.

Axel Stein provokes the termination

So much for the theory. In practice, however, the first problem quickly arises. “Are you still very crispy?” Asks Axel Stein when he is at one of them Test shot the wound canal sees that theoretically threatens him too. However, the reason for this is that different ammunition was supplied for the task than in the samples. The second problem: the Employeewho should get drunk has taken his part too seriously or as Heufer-Umlauf puts it: “He didn’t get anything anymore.”

In short: The task is far too dangerous to be done. “There is no way we can do that,” Basti explains to his boss Heufer-Umlauf. But what then? Heufer-Umlauf has an idea: “It would be much smarter if he interrupted the task.” Then Klaas would have a point in the “duel around the world”.

Vanessa Mai dances with a whale underwater

But then what Heufer-Umlauf and his team did not expect. After a short period of reflection, Axel Stein is determined to accept the challenge anyway and takes position. “We can not do that. You can’t let your arm shoot off “, Basti breaks off shortly before the shot is fired. Heufer-Umlauf doesn’t get a point, but Axel Stein doesn’t get a hole in his arm either.

The tasks of the other candidates were only slightly less idiotic: Fabian Hambüchen had to do gymnastics on the edge of a reservoir, Vanessa Mai had to dance underwater with a whale and Thorsten Legat had himself knocked unconscious at a World Cup slapping. At the end of this Olympiad of absurdities wins Joko Winterscheidt wafer-thin in front of Heufer-Umlauf and can introduce himself at the next party as the defender of a fantasy world championship.

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