The easiest trick to put music in your WhatsApp states

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The easiest trick to put music in your WhatsApp states

< p>WhatsApp is the application of instant messaging par excellence, but it's not perfect. We are not saying this because sometimes it goes down worldwide and leaves its 2,000 million active users without service, as it happened. on Tuesday, when the 'app' did not work. during two hours. In addition, in Spain the fall occurred at an inopportune moment: during peak working hours, between 9 and 11 a.m. However, one of his toolsThe star of the 'app' does not engage the public because it is rudimentary compared to the rest of the functionalities. We are talking about the status of WhatsApp. They barely support images and videos. The texts, and especially the links, have few design options and look archaic. Neither can they be accompanied by music, but… we have a trick to do it in images and videos. Take note.

You need an accomplice to put music in WhatsApp states. It is an external application, but also very popular: Facebook. As both applications are from Meta, they share formats. Also, the trickTo incorporate music it is quite simple to do: it is about creating the status through the stories of the social network. This is the step by step you should follow.

Create a story on Facebook

The first thing you should do is open your profile in the Facebook application and press the '< strong>Create story'. You will have a range of options to add more than that. of the photos and videos of the reelfrom the phone: text, music, a 'selfi', a 'Boomerang' or the 'Green Screen' format. However, this trick only works with photos and videos, so you don't need any of these tools.

Once you have selected the content you want to share, it will open. a new menu of options. Among them you will see that you can add music (and 'stickers', effects and even tag people). What's more, Facebook will offer you first a song recommendation under the section 'For you'.

If you don't like the ones it offers you, find the one you prefer by selecting the 'Music' option. In addition to selecting the fragment you want, you can select the design with which it will appear.

Essential step for the trick to work

The next step is essential: you must publish the story on Facebook before continuing. It is not worth saving the video before uploading it because it will not download. with music. In fact, if you try it, the application already warns you that it won't have it. Audio.

Once hung, click on the story you just published and enter it. it will appear to you a button with three dots. Press it and select the option 'Save video'. 'Voilà': on the reel you will have the story with music that you will only have to publish as a status on WhatsApp. Try it, you will surprise your contacts.