The echoes around one of the parish priests continue. The vicars and the faithful say enough

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It is loud again about the parish priest of Mysłowice.

 The echoes around one of the parish priests continue. The vicars and the faithful say enough

According to the website “Super Express”, the commotion around the parish priest from Mysłowice continues. The vicar, subordinate to the clergyman, directly calls him a tyrant. The priest is not the only person who has a lot to accuse the parish priest in charge of. The faithful also do not hide their anger. The case was taken care of by the curia, although parishioners believe that this is only an attempt to sweep everything under the rug.

Parishioners and curates are fed up

In early November it got loud about the parish priest from Mysłowice. At the end of the mass, 29-year-old vicar Artur Sroga unexpectedly said goodbye to the faithful of Our Lady of Fatima parish, where he served for only two months. The cup of bitterness was supposed to be overwhelmed by the fact that the parish priest replaced the locks at the rectory and the young priest was unable to enter.

The vicar called the police to the place. After the whole situation, he decided to leave the parish. The faithful do not hide their regret, because the young clergyman immediately won their sympathy, commitment and faith. As a catechist, he attracted students to religion lessons. Parishioners do not hide what they think about the pastor's behavior.

The echoes around one of the parish priests do not fade away. The vicar and the faithful say enough

Not only the curate has reservations

In an interview with “Super Express” one of the parishioners emphasizes that the word “tyrant”, which the curate was supposed to use against him, is not an exaggeration. In his opinion, the faithful “are a necessary evil” for the parish priest. The parishioner added that Father Sroga is not the first to leave because of the parish priest.

The previous priests, catechists and nuns were to make the same decision. “Nobody can stand it,” said the tabloid. He noted that the curia has repeatedly raised objections to the parish priest, but so far no one has done anything about it, and the parish priest himself is to be considered “untouchable”.

 Echo not fading away around one of the parish priests. The vicars and the faithful say quite

The parish priest was to remove from the council all those who had a different opinion than him. He is also known for supporting one of the political parties, which he does not hide even during his sermons. In addition, he treats his subordinates “like a slave”.

The Curia assures that it is involved in resolving the conflict on the parish-curate line, which in their opinion is personal.

What do you think about the whole matter?

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