The echoes of Dawid Ozdoba's unexpected departure continue. The police spoke in the matter

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What is known about the circumstances of Dawid Ozdoba's death?

 The echoes of the unexpected departure of Dawid Ozdoby do not stop. The police spoke about the case

As the” Super Express “portal reminds us, on October 4 there was information in the media about Dawid Ozdoba's death. The 45-year-old became more widely known thanks to his participation in “Dancing with the stars”, his relationship with Edyta Herbuś, and also thanks to his performances in Fame MMA. New facts about the case come to light.

Who was Dawid Ozdoba?

Dawid Ozdoba gained recognition thanks to his participation in “Dancing with the Stars” and his relationship with Edyta Herbuś. He also fought in Fame MMA. He took part in two premiere fights, unfortunately losing each of them.

It's no secret that Dawid Ozdoba has recently faced depression. He openly admitted to mental problems. He decided to cut himself off from both family and friends. For almost three years, he did not publish anything on the web. Seven months ago, he announced that he intends to return to MMA fights.

Police speak out on David Ozdoba

His body was found on October 3 near Picasso Park. In the issued statement, the police confirmed that an investigation is currently underway, which is under the supervision of the prosecutor's office. For the sake of the investigation, the officers do not reveal any details regarding the case.

Unofficially, reports began surfacing that his death might have been the result of taking his own life. We will have to wait for the final confirmation of what caused the death of the 45-year-old Ozdoba.

You think that in the next days, we'll find out what exactly happened to Dawid Ozdoba?

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