The El Periódico Podcast: Catalonia, what now?

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The Podcast from El Periódico: Catalunya, and now what? /></p></li></ul><p>After learning about the preparation of the new Government of the Generalitat carried out by the 'president' Pere Aragonés in record time, the podcast of El Periodico has brought together an important part of the politics section to <strong>know the keys, the future in the short and medium term</strong>of this cabinet.</p><p>Therefore we meet extraordinary Editorial Board, and on this occasion the public composed of Júlia Regué, (head of the politics section) , Sara González, Xabi Barrena and Fidel Masreal.</p><p> <iframe id=

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'The El Perió dico' is published from Monday to Friday and can be heard on the iVoox, Spotify, Podimo, Google Podcast or Apple Podcast platforms.

Idea and supervision: Iosu de la Torre.

Editing and execution: Sergi Mas.

Sound design: Cadena Pirenaica.

Recording studio: Manolita Studios.

Voice over: Mercè Torrents.