The El Periódico Podcast: The Tinder platform turns 10

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The El Periódico Podcast: The Tinder platform turns 10

This is a scandalous business for which the American company has obtained profits of three billion dollars in the last financial year. Tinder offers the user the possibility of having physical dates for free, and that for a monthly amount (therein lies the 'great deal') allows additional actions on the platform.

Tinder no was the first application dedicated to finding love,but yes It has been the one that has managed to shake up the dating market due to its easy filtering system and the speed with which suitors can be consumed.

Like this Well, with his 'swipe left' and his 'swipe right', many have managed to culminate their stories of love, sex or even friendship. But the modus operandi of the application's algorithm reveals to us that it doesn't want you to find love.

Today the journalist from El Periódico Carles Planas Bou is with us and offers us more details about how Tinder works.

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In today's chapter the following have collaborated: Carles Planas Bou, specialist in networks, algorithms and the intersection between politics and technology

Idea and supervision: Iosu de la Torre.

Editing and execution: Sergi Mas.

Sound design: Cadena Pirenaica.

Studio: Manolita Studios.

< p>Voiceover: Mercè Torrents.