The endocrinologist said the reasons of development and symptoms of child diabetes

Kaliningrad nutritionist Julia Boyko for the world day of struggle against diabetes called the reasons of development and symptoms of child diabetes. The disease is in first place among the diseases of the endocrine system the minor.

Эндокринолог назвала причины развития и симптомы детского диабета

Usually, children have identify autoimmune diabetes of the first type, does not depend on the amount eaten sweet. The disease may progress due to mumps, hepatitis C, influenza, rubella, stress. The second type develops on the background of malnutrition and obesity, therefore, is rare in children. As treatment prescribed insulin, moderate exercise, diet.

The nutritionist advises to begin to examine a child if he drinks more than three litres of water a day, constantly thirsty, losing weight by 5-7 pounds a week, often asks to go to the toilet. Symptoms are specific for diabetes.

In Russian schools children are provided balanced meals, but the buffet sell chocolate, juices, cakes. Frequent use of these products leads to obesity, so it’s best to replace them with dry biscuits, fruit, curds. To weight gain also lead gadgetmania, sedentary lifestyle, refusal of walks and sports.

The incidence of diabetes varies from region to region – in the North the number of children with this diagnosis more that is, in Europe the highest percentage. Experts are unable to explain the cause of the phenomenon. Perhaps the problem lies in the deficiency of vitamin D.

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