The entry by Tomasz Lis caused a real storm on the web. It was about Jerzy Stuhr

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Tomasz Lis has once again exposed himself to many people.

 The entry by Tomasz Lis caused a real storm on the Internet. It was about Jerzy Stuhr

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds us, Tomasz Lis suffered his fourth stroke some time ago. There are many indications that this time the journalist is recovering quite quickly, as evidenced by his activity on the Internet. The fox willingly comments on current events on social media. Recently, he has been tempted to comment on Jerzy Stuhr and drink-driving. The words of Tomasz Lis caused a huge storm on the Internet.

Jerzy Stuhr and drunk driving

On Monday, October 17th, Jerzy Stuhr was caught driving after drinking alcohol. The actor was about to hit a motorcyclist. The arriving police conducted a sobriety test, which showed that the actor had 0.7 per mille in the body.

A day later, Jerzy Stuhr, via his son's social media, posted an apology in which he admitted that he had made the biggest mistake in his life. He apologized and regretted. He also denied the media reports of the escape from the scene, assuring him that he waited with the knocked down motorcyclist for the police to arrive.

Jerzy Stuhr's apology provoked extremely different reactions. There was no shortage of opinions that simply “sorry” in this situation would not be enough, although repentance is a good start for many. Tomasz Lis also referred to the actor's statement. His entry caused another storm.

Tomasz Lis comments on the incident with Jerzy Stuhr

Tomasz Lis, who in recent months he himself faced strong criticism, which was related to the accusations made against the journalist by some co-worker from “Newsweek Polska”, stood up for Stuhr.

Driving on alcohol by Jerzy Stuhr, Tomasz The fox described it as a “stumble”. He also added that he is still “an outstanding artist and actor, not a celebrity. A stumble will judge a free court as it should be. And that's it”.

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For many, Tomasz Lis's entry was unacceptable. They accused the journalist of defending the actor and reducing his guilt. Many accused Lis that if it were an “ordinary” citizen, the assessment would certainly be different.

And what do you think about Tomasz Lis' post?

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