The entry of Michał Wiśniewski's wife caused indignation among Internet users. The singer's partner was asked about a divorce


The relationship between Pola and Michał Wiśniewski evokes many unfavorable comments.

 The entry of Michał Wiśniewski's wife caused an uproar of Internet users. The singer's partner was asked about the development

Michał Wiśniewski is known not only for his musical talent but also for his turbulent personal life. Two years ago he decided on his fifth wedding. His current wife is Pola, with whom he has a son, Falco.

Although the couple willingly share their happiness, most Internet users are convinced that this relationship will also not survive.

Portal & ldquo; o2 & rdquo; informed that during the last post by Pola Wiśniewska in social media, a real storm took place.

Unpredictable fate

Michał Wiśniewski's wife often has to defend herself against negative comments, but as you can see she is very happy anyway.

& ldquo; Life is unpredictable. When it seems to us that nothing good will happen to us anymore, fate – for our happiness – throws a person on our way, who with one meeting, one conversation or simple kindness changes our lives & rdquo; & ndash; recently wrote on Instagram.

Not everyone believed these assurances, calling Michał Wiśniewski & ldquo; a womanizer & rdquo; and & ldquo; a plaything & rdquo; and commenting on the number of his failed relationships.

There was even a question about how much time they still had before divorce, which upset the celebrity by pointing to the maliciousness of the internet user.

You think that this time Will Michał Wiśniewski make it?

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