The Europa League draw online stream

Жеребьевка Лиги Европы: онлайн-трансляция

On Friday, February 28, at the headquarters of UEFA in Nyon, Switzerland held the draw for the pairs of 1/8 finals of the Europa League (beginning at 14:00).

As is known, Ukraine is among the 16 best clubs of the tournament is only Shakhtar Donetsk, eliminated in the 1/16 finals of the tournament, the Portuguese “Benfica”. Recall that “Mariupol” and Lugansk “dawn” are unable to qualify and Kiev “Dynamo” with one win in six matches in the group and “Alexandria”, content three draws came out in the playoffs.

Head coach of “Shakhtar” Luiz Castro before the draw said: “in Particular we have. We have absolutely nothing to fear, we are ready for every opponent. Will be able to work responsibly before any fight with respect for the opponent. If my team could react like now after this first half, we will be able to react to any opponent.”

By the way, all clubs of Portugal of the European qualifiers. After the adoption of the current format of the tournament in the season of 2003/2004 this on the 1/8 finals was never. The fiasco of the Portuguese had a hand and Shakhtar.

Жеребьевка Лиги Европы: онлайн-трансляция

The fate of 16 clubs in these balloons…

By the way, this look for the upcoming draw. Let’s look at the participants of the draw in order of ranking UEFA:

10. “Manchester United”

11. Sevilla

15. Roma

18. Shakhtar

24. Bayer

28. Basel

29. Salzburg

33. Olympiakos

39. “Copenhagen”

41. Wolfsburg

49. Inter

50. “Eintracht”

75. “Copenhagen”

80. “Istanbul Basaksehir”

85. “Wolverhampton”

94. The Rangers

103. LUSK

Good afternoon, dear fans of football. Approximately two hours later, the champion of Ukraine finds out his opponent in the 1/8 finals of the second biggest turnira. Variants of wards Luis Castro rife: Donetsk residents can meet representatives from Germany, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Scotland and Spain.

Options for Shakhtar

On the 1/8 finals “seeded” and “asiany” no, besides teams from the same Association can be drawn with each other.

In the Central bowl put 16 balls and stir. First pulled from the Cup team will play against the second and will spend the starting match on the home field. Thus, Shakhtar shall play with one of the 15 opponents (one the winner of the 1/16 finals are not yet known, because the meeting between Austria Salzburg and German side Eintracht due to weather conditions, rescheduled for the evening of 28 February, in the first game the Germans won 4:1).

In the draw will participate:

“Bayer” (Germany)

“Basel” (Switzerland)

“Wolfsburg” (Germany)

“Wolverhampton” (England)

“Basaksehir Istanbul” (Turkey)

“Inter” (Italy)

“Copenhagen” (Denmark)

LASK (Austria)

“Manchester United” (England)

Olympiakos (Greece)

Rangers (Scotland)

Roma (Italy)

“Seville” (Spain)

Getafe (Spain)

Shakhtar (Ukraine)

“Eintracht Frankfurt” (Germany)/Salzburg (Austria)

The way to Gdansk

March 12 — the first matches of 1/8 finals

March 19 — the return matches of 1/8 finals

March 20 — the draw for the ¼ finals, ½ finals and finals

April 9 — the first matches of ¼ final

April 16 — second legs quarter finals

April 30 — the first match ½ – final

May 7 — the second legs ½ finals

May 27 — final in Gdansk, Poland

The final is in Poland

The decisive match of the Europa League 2019/2020 will take 44 thousand Polish stadium “Gdansk”, which is the home arena of the “Legii”.

Arena, built for $ 200 million to Euro 2012, took four meetings of the European championship and several friendly matches of the national team of Poland.

The stadium is located in the suburbs of the gdańsk Letnica. The external finish of the arena consists of 18 thousand plates, symbolizing the amber that is traditionally mined in the Baltic sea.

Жеребьевка Лиги Европы: онлайн-трансляция

The Europa League is made in Milan

The Cup, awarded for winning the Europa League, no handles, and he is the hardest club trophy of Europe. Silver bowl weighing 15 pounds has a height of 65 cm, width 33 cm and depth 23 cm centimeters. The trophy, a silver Cup on a pedestal of yellow marble have been designed and manufactured by the Bertoni workshop in Milan.

Жеребьевка Лиги Европы: онлайн-трансляция

Prize money from UEFA

Output in the 1/8 finals will bring each club $ 1.1 million, in the quarterfinals of 1.5 million, the semi — finals- 2.4 million, the final — 4,5 million, the winner of the deciding match of the tournament will receive 4 million Euro.

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