The European Parliament suspends all legislative work in connection with Qatar

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The European Parliament suspends all legislative work related to Qatar

For the European Parliament, the emirate's alleged corruption attempts constitute “serious foreign interference” in the affairs of the organization.

The European Parliament, which on Thursday said it was “appalled” by suspicions of corruption hanging over Qatar and several of its members, decided to suspend all legislative work related to the emirate.

Vice-President Eva Kaili, one of the 14 in Parliament, is among the four people imprisoned in Belgium on Sunday in this investigation for corruption, money laundering and criminal organization. The European institution put an end to the mandate of the Greek elected representative on Tuesday, who swears her innocence.

In a separate procedure, the European Public Prosecutor's Office announced on Thursday that it is requesting the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the former Greek television star, as well as of another Greek MEP, Maria Spyraki.

This investigation concerns alleged fraud relating to the use of parliamentary allowances, particularly the remuneration of parliamentary assistants, specifies in a press release the Office of the European Prosecutor General (BPGE).< /p>

In a resolution adopted on Thursday by 541 votes in favour, 2 against and 3 abstentions, the European Parliament says it is appalled by accusations of corruption mainly targeting Eva Kaili, who is suspected of having received money from Qatar for influence decisions within the institution.

The Greek elected Eva Kaili is at the heart of this corruption scandal.

Some 1.5 million euros have been seized, according to a source close to the government. investigation.

MEPs denounce the Emirate's alleged corruption attempts, which constitute serious foreign interference in the democratic processes of the European Union.

The Qatari authorities also reject any embezzlement.

Representatives of the emirate are no longer welcome in the European Parliament, under the terms of the resolution voted on Thursday. The credentials of any representative of Qatari interests are suspended pending legal proceedings.

The same is true for legislative work, particularly with regard to political visas and the promised opening of European skies to Qatar Airways, under an agreement sealed at the end of 2021. Visits are also frozen during the investigation.

The parliamentarians are also concerned about potential conflicts of interest, and call for transparency on the assets of MEPs and a ban on external funding.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola pledged on Thursday to implement a robust program of reforms to rebuild confidence, while conceding that a big bag of cash would still be bait for some.

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