The expert explained, do I need to go to the gym on an empty stomach

The question of combining training and nutrition is one of those that often bother wanting to get rid of extra pounds and keep yourself in good shape. What is the interval between eating and going to the gym is good? Should I go to class on an empty stomach? These questions concern everyone who decided to come to grips with health and shape. The dietitian Alla Manikin details told whether to train on an empty stomach and how best to organize meals during sports.

Эксперт пояснила, нужно ли ходить в спортзал на голодный желудок

Wanting to join the sport immediately raises the question: to have Breakfast before a workout or is it better to sleep longer?

First you need to understand what goal you are pursuing: weight loss or muscle gain.

Those who work in a set usually choose strength training in the gym. And in this case Breakfast is mandatory.

First, carbohydrates and fats necessary for energy after sleeping all your supplies exhausted, and secondly, protein — building material for muscles. This means that the Breakfast should be complete and include all three components — proteins, fats and carbohydrates. What Breakfast can be, for example:

  • omelet with vegetables, cheese and wholegrain bread
  • cheesecakes
  • cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with fruit and granola
  • porridge with nuts and egg
  • the right chicken or fish, vegetables and herbs.

The main thing is to choose the most comfortable break between Breakfast and workout, so he hasn’t caused you any discomfort during sport.

If your goal is weight loss, in this case, the most suitable cardio medium intensity. For best results, recommend to practice on an empty stomach, but only under the condition that you have enough strength, not dark eyes, not nauseated and overall well-being in the normal range.

If there is something of the above, then a simple Breakfast in about an hour-the floor is simply necessary. This can be natural yogurt and a banana, scrambled eggs with herbs, smoothie — something light that will not cause you any discomfort in training, but it will give you strength.

Do not exercise in vain, get the most from your lessons with a properly sized power supply.

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