The expression of the girl's face, whose mother forbade her to drink carbonated water, moved the Network


February 4, 2022, 09:33 | In the world

A little trick.

The facial expression of a girl whose mother forbade her to drink carbonated water moved the Web

Mother of two Ciera Woodruff, known in social networks under the nickname cierawoodruff, published a funny video of her young daughter, Aurora, who wanted to try soda water. Making a sly facial expression, the girl reached for the can, but her mother did not allow her to take even a sip, Ukr.Media informs. Not much at all, Aurora thought.

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Sierra's video has garnered more than 15 million views and thousands of comments on TikTok. Many users were touched by the little trickster Aurora and her attempts to try soda water.

  • "God, what a cutie.
  • "How glorious girl".
  • "Cunning little girl".
  • "Well, how can you refuse such a cute girl?".
  • "Ahh, that expression is incomparable. Lapula is like this.


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