The eyes tell a lot about a person. What their color hides

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What do we even know about eye color?

Eyes They say a lot about man. What hides their color

Scientifically speaking, the color of your eyes really only tells about how much pigment (melanin) you have in the rainbow. The more pigment, the darker your eyes will be.

The color of the eye's rainbow, and character and personality

Brown eyes

Brown-eyed people (which is about 80% of the population) are believed to be trustworthy and more social. While I personally don't believe that the majority of the population is trustworthy, if you have brown eyes you may be perceived as more honest when you stand next to your brighter roses.

Blue eyes >

I think we've all heard songs with blue eyes. From pop to classic rock, with songs like & ldquo; Ocean Eyes & rdquo; Billie Eilish and & ldquo; Sweet Child O 'Mine & rdquo; Guns N 'Roses, people with blue eyes are perceived as sentimental, emotional and imaginative. Although blue eyes are much rarer than brown eyes, more than 10% of the population still have this shade.

Green eyes

Having one of the least common eye colors , people with green eyes are often seen as mysterious, unpredictable and intellectuals. You may have heard the phrase & ldquo; green eyed monsters & oacute; r & rdquo ;, but I think it is more likely that someone with a different eye color was jealous.

Green eye color is not only a pigment in the eyes, but also a way of & oacute; b, how the light diffuses it to bring out that color. That is why people with green (and even hazel) eyes often say that “the color of the eyes changes”. Now you know they can have different shades of rainbow.

Hazel eyes

With gold flecks, this brownish-green shade is more interesting than most other eye colors, because hazel eyes are a combination of colors, not just one shade.

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