The F League accuses the federation of “breaching” the agreement for arbitration fees

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The F League accuses the federation of

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The F League has denounced that the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has “broken” the agreement they had reached on the payment of arbitration fees, sending them a receipt with “higher amounts than those agreed”, and has urged the Higher Sports Council (CSD), which he claims to have informed two weeks ago, to take measures to ensure compliance with the agreement.

“The Secretary General of the RFEF, in a new demonstration of lack of seriousness in breaching the agreement with the Government of Spain and with the F League, has sent a communication to the clubs urging them to pay an arbitration receipt of 14,647 euros per game, instead of what was agreed, 4,048 euros, threatening to apply disciplinary sanctions in case of not undertaking said payments”, pointed out the F League in a statement.

The employer assured that, after the arbitration strike on the first day of the competition, the RFEF, the F League and the CSD reached an agreement for the next six seasons and that, “from the first moment”, the parties involved ” They clearly accepted that the clubs would only pay what corresponds to arbitration fees, the rest of the concepts being assumed by the F League and the CSD”.

 “The RFEF intends that the clubs pay with charged to their budgets all the costs derived from the arbitration services, when, as agreed, They would only be responsible for the arbitration fees (4,048 euros per match), with the rest of the items (diet, travel and training) corresponding to the F League,” he explained.

Contact with the CSD

In this sense, he indicated that the receipt sent by the RFEF includes “new concepts and amounts that were not agreed, thus pretending to receive global amounts greater than those agreed”. “In fact, the RFEF intends to allocate to the clubs the amounts that the RFEF undertook to contribute from its funds to the end-of-career fund, a commitment that of course was accompanied by its usual media staging support for women”, she said.

After receiving the new receipt, Liga F was able to contact the CSD, which “promised to contact the RFEF to solve this new nonsense”. “However, having already spent more than two weeks without news from the CSD, and beforethe increase in hostilities on the part of the RFEF setting a deadline for the clubs to pay amounts that in no way correspond to those agreed, this Professional League has been forced to submit to the CSD the corresponding resource so that it forces the RFEF to comply with the agreements reached of which, everything is said, the CSD was not a mere spectator, but formed part of it. He was an active part and whose intervention was decisive in unblocking the conflict,” he said. a is truly inconceivable and makes clear the management model that is carried out from an institution as important as the RFEF. For this reason, from this Professional League we do not expect anything other than that the Government of Spain enforces the agreements reached from which it formed. part,” he concluded.