The family I am not the favorite child, but for her sick mother I want to care I

В семье я не любимый ребёнок, но за больной матерью хотят, чтоб ухаживала я

The Story Of Julia.

I grew up in a large family, born last, and unexpected. I have two older brothers and two sisters. The mother did not want any kids, I’m here. I was told that the abortion was done later, so I was born. But all my life felt the stamp of abandonment.

Parents were proud of their sons, athletic, smart, in school the first handsome. Well finished College, have a prestigious job, go to trips abroad. Wife’s beautiful, expensive dressed, on their machines. Two children who are studying in prestigious schools, the rest go just over the border. I really don’t know. When I was born, they already lived and studied in the big city. In their lives I ever attended.
For older sisters I was always the annoying little man. Mother made them usual to me, and it interfered with their life, so they openly hated me. My sister is also a proud parent, an actress, sometimes it flashes on screen, and the second happily married to a wealthy man. Like brothers, the big house, cars, private school for children, a holiday abroad. In the lives of their sisters and I also are not present.

When you come to visit neighbors or girlfriends mother, they generously shown photos and videos of the older children of our family. I was always Julia — incompetent, half-educated, a loser, nothing to represent, sulfur, and a fool. Me no end compared with the older.

After school, I enrolled us in the city sewing school, came out with a diploma tailor-cutter. I love my profession, the more that good. Working in the Studio, never sat without customers. And native call “designer done”. I have tried less contact with relatives. First lived in the Dorm from school, then the apartment was rented.

I had a husband and son. I built my little world, and the three of us were happy, it was the best time of my life. But he fell in one day. Husband and son rode the bus and had an accident, my boys did not survive. From home there was no sympathy, no help. I pulled girls from the Studio. I went to work, so that even forces at unnecessary thoughts was not. Ten years have passed, and I live with warm memories. I had a cavalier, and I hope for a serious relationship.

And then took my home, Julia. Did not father, and his mother was paralyzed, now she is bedridden and she requires care. All found reasons to mothers to help all the children, family, work, life in another city. Only Julia can. And I don’t want to. Life humiliated, and then remembered.

I tell mother you will leave the apartment, and I want nothing from you, my husband left. Call, then persuade, then threaten. And I don’t want to let them settle it among themselves, not me for them and never will.

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