The family leave reform comes into effect today – this way, families will get more days off in the future


If two parents use family leave, the family gets more earnings-related days than before. At a press conference held a year ago, Minister Hanna Sarkkinen explained why the family leave reform has been started. [email protected] at 7:00 a.m.

The family leave reform comes into force today – these families will get more days off in the future

  • In the future, families has more earnings-related days available than before.
  • With the reform, it is hoped that the other parent will take more parental leave than before.
  • The new parental leave is mainly available to families where the calculated time is on or after 4 September 2022.

The family leave reform comes into effect today. The reform aims to increase the equality of working life and parents and to take into account different family forms better than at present.

The reform gives, for the first time, an equal quota of parental leave for two parents.

The leave can be used in many periods until the child's second birthday, and some of them can be given to another parent, another guardian, one's own or the other parent's spouse.

In the new model, it is financially more profitable for families that the other parent, often the father, also uses earnings-related leave as an alternative to the mother staying at home with home care support.

This is how leave is used

The number of earnings-related leaves used in the family will increase from 317 to 360. 360 days means a good 14 months.

There are 40 pregnancy allowance days and 160 parental leave days for the final pregnancy. The other parent also has 160 days. Parents are allowed to share 0-63 days of their quota with another parent.

The time that the parent, usually the mother, can be at home on an earnings-related basis does not change if the family so wishes. 263 days will continue to be available, i.e. about 9 months.

Family leave reform will As of today, these families will receive more leave in the future

For the first time, two parents will receive the same parental leave quota. The reform also takes into account single parents and same-sex parents. Mostphotos

In the future, for example, a single parent will be able to use all 360 earnings-related days. Parents of the same sex can share the leave equally, and the leave can also be used by an adult in the same household. The leave can also be transferred to an adult in the same household, even if he or she is not the child's guardian.

The new parental leave is mainly available to families where the calculated period is on or after September 4, 2022. More information can be found, for example, on Kela's website.

The family leave reform is one of the government's long-prepared projects, which was approved by the parliament last December. In the government program, the parties agreed that a family leave reform will be carried out, and the goal is, among other things, to increase equality in families and working life.

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