The “Farmer is looking for a wife” program says goodbye to Krzysztof Pachucki. Touching moments during the premiere of season 9

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The producers of the program decided to say goodbye to Krzysztof, who took his own life.

 The program

The autumn frame of the first Polish Television program carries the 9th season of the cult program “The farmer is looking for a wife”.

The new season of the program began with memories and goodbye

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The production of the format decided in a very touching way to say goodbye to the late 56-year-old Krzysztof Pachucki, who was one of the heroes in season 8 of the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program.

The news of the farmer's death shocked the viewers of Polish Television because, according to media reports, the man, as a result of depression and nervous breakdown, took his own life by hanging himself in his own barn.

He left behind a newly wed wife who she had never imagined would be so soon widowed. According to media reports, the man often disappeared from home without a word and returned after a long time. Now, after the inauguration of the 9th season of the program “Farmer is looking for a wife”, Super Express reports that the episode began with the emission of black and white memories about self-worship.

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The host of the program Marta Manowska delivered some touching words – [… ] We thought the program would make you lucky to rediscover the beauty of this world. Unfortunately, it happened otherwise. Full of optimism, ready to bring disinterested help, always smiling – this is how you will always remain in our hearts and in our memories. Today we say goodbye to you and thank you for allowing us to spend at least a few moments with you – we hear in the material a narration made with the voice of Marta Manowska.

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A touching summary of Krzysztof's participation and his fate did not escape the attention of the press and internaut & oacute; in. All fans of the program joined the words spoken by the host of the format.

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