The FBI told me what the Zodiac signs are the most dangerous

В ФБР рассказали, какие знаки Зодиака — самые опасные

What place are you?

We are all accustomed to the endless articles about the different characteristics of the Zodiac signs, but they are based on what is not always clear. Here’s the real stats!The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States released the date of birth of serial killers and criminals with psychopathic tendencies.

Look, what signs were the most dangerous!
12. Gemini.

Always talk about what the Twins threat, and in fact is the safest sign! The Twins have the least blood on their hands, because they to anybody are not serious enough to kill or maim. Or maybe they just bore people to death! It is in their spirit!

11. Aquarius.

The second last sign — Aquarius! Aquarians appreciate justice, and their narcissism is so great that it hurt them pretty hard. We don’t know why, but they were in second place after the Twins for security. Maybe they just don’t get caught because they are smart enough not to leave evidence. So the FBI stats just don’t reflect the whole truth!

10. Lion.

Do not be afraid of the roar is just a big cat! Lions prefer to stay out of trouble. They say when they commit murder, only for the sake of attention. Wow!

9. Libra.

We all know the Scales as a fair, kind and patient people, but they commit more murders than Leos and Aquarians, which is very unexpected. Although everyone’s patience has a limit. Probably, Libra resort to violence when others abuse their good intentions.

8. Virgin.

Virgo is not the most pronounced psychopathic, but very neat killer! However, it is worth noting that Virgo is more inclined to theft and fraud than for murder.

7. Fish.

Think Fish — the solid cuties? You are wrong. The famous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, and Aileen Wuornos was a Pisces Zodiac sign! Unfortunately, Fish have an innate tendency to addiction, which leads them to commit murder.

6. Capricorn.

Although serial killers born under the sign of Capricorn, not very much, a serial killer with the largest number of victims was a Capricorn! Although Capricorns are famous for the law-abiding, apparently, they simply do not antagonize. Capricorns do not kill often, but if I start, I can’t stop!

5. Aries.

Aries are generally prone to madness, so the fifth place is not surprising. They are terrible angry, but angry for long. So if you pissed off the RAM, just hide from him for some time. He forgets he was mad at you, and you will live.

4. Taurus.

Anger Taurus is horrible. But the Bulls have more fraud than murder. What to do — they love luxury!

3. Sagittarius.

So, the first three. Closes it Sagittarius! Representatives of this sign do not like to peddle. For example, the Archers were Ted Bundy, Pablo Excobar and Joseph Stalin. They prefer major crimes and mass murder, then to declare themselves chiefs.

2. Scorpio.

So, Scorpio officially took second place in the list of psychopaths! Someone is surprised? Because most serial killers were born in November, most of them — the Scorpions (and the rest Archers). They are renowned for sophisticated sadism and particularly bloody murders.

1. Cancer.

The first place among the maniacs, oddly enough, got Cancers! These are usually killed out of jealousy. Mood swings Cancers often lead them to crime!

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