The feast of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God – history, traditions and omens


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The Day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is celebrated by the Orthodox on November 4 — in gratitude for the liberation of all of Russia from the Polish invaders.

Feast of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God — history, traditions and omens

People believe that prayers addressed to the Holy Mother of God on this particular day have unique power and are capable of working miracles. At the same time, according to beliefs, “Kazanska” the icon of the Mother of God healed many people from various diseases, and some even regained their lost sight. She could also help in the fight against enemies and in the liberation of her native country from enemies, informs UkrMedia.

The Mother of God of Kazan is the patroness of the family, so her image is given both at weddings and at the baptism of children. . She is also a healer of diseases and a savior of the Motherland in the hour of calamity.

After the fire in Kazan in 1579, which destroyed part of the city, the Mother of God appeared to ten-year-old Matrona in a dream and ordered her icon to be dug up on the ashes.

And indeed, the icon was found in the specified place at a depth of about a meter. The day of the appearance of the Kazan icon – July 8, 1579 (July 21 according to the new style) – is now an annual all-church holiday in the Orthodox Church. At the place where the icon appeared, the Mother of God Virgin Monastery was built, the first nun of which was Matrona, who took the name Mavry.

Subsequently, dozens of officially respected local lists of the Kazan icon spread throughout many dioceses of the Orthodox Church. Already in the 19th century, it was not completely clear where the original of the revealed icon was, but most authors were inclined to believe that it remained in the Kazan Mother of God Monastery.

Kazan Icon of God Mothers: what they pray for and what helps

Prayers before the image of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God can help in many life matters. Most often, she is prayed to in times of sadness, grief and calamity, when there is no more strength to fight. The image of the Mother of God and prayers to her help to find the right solution to difficult questions.

With the help of prayers to the image of the Mother of God of Kazan, you can be cured of any, and especially of eye diseases and even blindness, and not only physical, but and spiritual.

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"Kazanska" parents have long placed the icon near the baby's bed – this is how the Mother of God took care of the child, protecting it.

Also, since ancient times, newlyweds were blessed with the Kazan icon for a long and happy life. And if the marriage falls on the day of the celebration of this icon, family life should be long and happy.

Icon of the Kazan Mother of God: prayer

Oh, Holy Virgin, Mistress of the Mother of God! With fear, faith and love, falling before Your honest icon, we beg You: do not turn Your face away from those who resort to You, beg, merciful Mother, Your Son and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, to preserve peace in our country, to keep His holy Church unshakable from unbelief, heresy and schism.

For we have no other help, we have no other hope, except You, Most Pure Virgin, for You are Almighty for Christians Assistant and Advocate.

Deliver all those who pray to You with faith from the fall of sin, from the slander of evil people, from all temptations, sorrows, troubles and from unexpected death; grant us the spirit of contrition, humility of heart, purity of thoughts, correction of sinful life and forgiveness of sins, so that everyone, gratefully praising Your greatness, may be worthy of the Heavenly Kingdom and there with all the saints glorify the honorable and majestic name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy One Spirit Amen.

Omens on the Day of the Mother of God of Kazan

Our ancestors believed that the Mother of God helps women on this day. Therefore, many women resorted to protective rituals on this day. For example, a birch leaf gives beauty and protects against old age. To do this, early in the morning on the holiday, the woman went to the birch grove, where she looked for leaves covered with frost. After tearing off a leaf, it looked like a mirror. It was believed that after this the face would be cleansed and rejuvenated, and the woman would look beautiful throughout the next year.

Women from Spas also stocked up on consecrated honey and a large apple. If the girl had problems with the skin of her face, then on this day she took an apple, peeled it, and then threw the skin away, imagining that this skin is the flaws she would like to get rid of. After that, the apple had to be grated and mixed with honey. This "cosmetic mask" applied to the face with the words: "The apple is cleansed – and my face will be cleansed. Honey is soft and sweet – and my skin will become soft and sweet. They say that if the girl's faith was very strong, then it was possible to get rid of even scars.

Omens for the weather:

  • If the ground is covered with fog in the morning, it will be warm.
  • If it rains, it will soon snow. At the same time, the rainy weather on this day is a good omen: it was believed that the Mother of God is crying and praying for all people. She begs the Lord God for forgiveness for people and asks that they live easier, that next year's harvest is good and there is no hunger.
  • If the sun shines brightly, winter will be just as sunny.
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But dry weather is considered a bad sign. People say that if there is no rain in Kazan, then the next year will be very difficult. And you can't count on a good harvest at all.

In Kazansk, cellars were ventilated so that food stocks did not spoil and there was always plenty of them.

What cannot be done on the feast of the Mother of God of Kazan

The feast of the icon of the Mother of God is not one of the twelve church holidays, therefore it is not forbidden to work. However, believers who revere this holy image know that on this day it is still better to go to church and pray, and not to do mundane and important things or wash and clean. It is even believed that hard work on this day does not give significant results.

In addition, on the day of honoring the Mother of God of Kazan, it is not recommended to quarrel, cry, be sad or regret the past.

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On this holiday, it is customary to invite guests, friends and relatives to the table to share food with them in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to this, people are filled with joy and a good mood.


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