The fight within the Green Party goes to the courthouse

The struggle within the Green Party spilled over to the courthouse.
Dhe court documents show that the Green Party of Canada is trying to overturn the arbitration orders that summon the party to end the vote of no confidence organized against the leadership of Annamie Paul.

This procedure ends a brief ceasefire between warring factions ahead of a likely federal election this year.

In a notice of application filed in Ontario Superior Court on Wednesday, the party and the Green Party of Canada Fund said an arbitrator overstepped his powers in demanding party leaders reverse their vote of no confidence against Annamie Paul as well as a process to review her party membership.

The documents indicate that Annamie Paul’s employment contract was with the Green Party Fund, a separate legal entity that controls the party’s purse strings, rather than with the party itself, which the Federal Council received. the order to cancel his steps to remove the chief.

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