The final broadcasts “the Voice of the country — 10” will be held without spectators

Финальные эфиры «Голосу країни — 10» пройдут без зрителей

Live anniversary season of vocal talent show “Golos Krainy” (“1+1”), which was scheduled for 5, 12 and 19 April, transferred and held in the hall without spectators. The decision was made by the producers in connection with the continuation of the quarantine of COVID-19.

We do everything for the safety of the fans of the show and artists, — said “FACTS” is the main producer of the project Vladimir Zavodyuk. — In turn, those who bought tickets for the final esters and the dress rehearsal of “the Voice of the country-10”, can use it by visiting any other show of the TV channel “1+1”, the shooting of which will take place after completion of the quarantine.

The guide channel has assured viewers will also be able to return the tickets.

We will remind, the stage of “knockouts” vocal show “voice of the country” decided to extend the audience will see four programs instead of two that were shot in advance.

Every broadcast of “knockouts” is dedicated to a team. The first participants competed from the team MONATIK. Sunday, March 29, for participating in live broadcasts will fight Dan Balan wards.


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