The final resting place of Paweł Królikowski. The Internet user publishes a video of the visit on the web


Paweł Królikowski won the sympathy and hearts of millions of people. What does his grave look like now?

 The last resting place of Paweł Kr & oacute; likowski. The Internet user publishes a video of his visit on the web

It is no secret that the death of the outstanding actor Paweł Kr & oacute; likowski shocked practically the entire country, because there was hardly a person who would not associate the artist with any project.

When he finally had a tombstone, the Internet user shared his appearance

He pumped warmth and authenticity into Kusy in the series “Ranch” in an unusual way, which gained great popularity thanks to showing the adventures, life, joy and dilemmas of ordinary residents & oacute; in an ordinary village. As it turns out, there are no ordinary people in the world and everyone is a wonderful person in their uniqueness.

Kusy was a loving husband and father, and he was able to prove that he could also be a great friend. In this form, we find a lot of Paweł Kr & oacute; likowski, to whom each of his relatives owes something special. The actor was a Catholic believer who was not afraid to talk about God and his influence on our lives. He often mentioned prayer, but his most beautiful prayer was the love he gave to his relatives and friends.

For some time he had to wait for his monument in Warsaw's Powązki, because many obstacles arose at once in the implementation of the monument. Today, thanks to one of TikTok users, we can see what the final resting place of an artist loved by many looks like.

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“The sun is my smile for me “- a beautiful quote from the artist himself is visible on the CD, burning candles, and under one of them a card with a photo and the words” We remember “. This very touching sight moved the observer tiktokerki who expressed in the comments their appreciation for the actor and sadness for his death.


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