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The first figures are in, the Apple Vision Pro is a big flop (what a surprise!)

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Despite marketing that only Apple has the secret to and initial dystirambic feedback from influencers, the Vision Pro did not convince consumers.In any case, this is what the figures from the IDC firm reveal, revealed by Bloomberg, the first mixed reality headset Pommé n’did not even reach 100  000 copies per quarter since its launch. Catastrophic figures given the high expectations surrounding a product which promised a new era for the American giant. Worse, sales are expected to drop by 75% in the United States this quarter. IDC also points out that some buyers are still returning their headsets across the Atlantic.

Too expensive, not enough content

After the wow effect created by Apple's marketing steamroller, the Vision Pro did not convince. If all the testers (including us) emphasize the exceptional quality of the technologies used, “the’space computer” Apple doesn't really convince. For the technical part, the excess weight, the bulk as well as the low autonomy of the device are all complaints which end up tiring users.

But it is above all the limitations in terms of use which prevent massive adoption of the device. The limited number of applications as well as the absence of major video streaming services limit the use of a headset that has a bright future. Ultimately, Apple fails to convince where other brands have already been struggling for more than ten years, Apple as it is.

It must be said that the Vision Pro is not cheap. Its pricing positioning is undoubtedly the other major obstacle to purchasing. Sold for 3,500 dollars in the United States, it is arriving in other European countries including France, for a price of 4,000 euros! While IDC expects a slight rebound in sales with this broader deployment, it does not expect to reverse the trend either. According to its estimates, the Vision Pro should sell at best 500,000 copies over the year 2024. You said flop ?

A cheaper headset from 2025

To breathe new life into this technology, Apple should launch a more affordable and less muscular model from 2025. According to Francicsco Jeronimo, vice-president of IDC, this model could double sales of Apple headsets. But nothing is assured. “The success of the Vision Pro, whatever its price, will ultimately depend on the content available” he explains. And to specify that Apple will also have to enter into local partnerships (for example MyCanal in France) to attract the general public.

For now , l’all analysts therefore remain cautious about the future of the product and are waiting for the release of the cheaper headset by the end of 2025. ;#8217;welcome of the Vision Pro in markets other than the United States will also provide additional information for further comment.

Fortunately for Apple, these disappointing sales do not have a significant impact on the company's results at this time. It remains to be seen what Apple's strategy will be: insist on a product that has difficulty finding its audience or let go of the matter to concentrate on other levers.

  • IDC reveals Vision Pro sales figures, and they are catastrophic
  • In question, the few technical weaknesses of the product but above all the lack of applications and services
  • IDC predicts a surge in sales in the future cheaper headphones, but nothing is certain

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