The first picture of the last resting place of Queen Elizabeth is shown. A sentimental choice for the longest reigning monarch in history

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Buckingham Palace showed what the tombstone of the deceased queen looks like.

 Shown is the first photo of Queen Elizabeth's last resting place. Sentimental choice of the longest reigning monarch in history

On Monday the world witnessed the funeral of the longest ruling monarchs in history. Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 after sitting on the throne for seventy years.

Her farewell aroused a lot of emotions, especially since in the eyes of her subjects an important era of the British monarchy had just ended.

< p>However, many details of the Queen's ceremony had been planned a long time ago, therefore everything went very smoothly and quickly.

Portal & ldquo; Super Express & rdquo; states that the last resting place is also completely ready. The tombstone in the crypt where her coffin was placed has already been installed, and from September 29, the site will also be open to visitors to Windsor.

A photo from the chapel of George VI confirms that, according to her wishes, the queen's house is in the same place as her husband Philip, as well as her parent, King George VI and Elizabeth.

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