The first snowfall this season appeared on the horizon. When to expect them

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When will the first snow this season fall in Poland?

 The first snowfall this season has appeared on the horizon. When should it be expected

As the “Wirtualna Polska” portal reminds us, the exceptionally warm October and the beginning of November are behind us. Unfortunately, last weekend brought us more clouds, rainfall and a slightly lower temperature. Meteorologists indicate when in our country we can expect snowfall.

Weather in Poland

The aura in our country is currently shaped by two barric systems. The first is the lows associated with cyclone Martin. It was he who was responsible for the bad aura, which was the sign of which last weekend passed for us. The high is now responsible for improving the weather, which will soon be replaced by a “rotten high”.

It is this “rotten high” that will shape the weather in the near future, and its departure will make thermometers see negative temperature values. IMGW meteorologists indicate that the temperature will drop from Monday, November 7.

The temperature may rise to 15 degrees Celsius locally, although this will only affect the west and south-west of the country. Weather forecasters announce that after November 15 we will expect some really frosty nights.

“Rotten High” will start to spoil the weather in our country from Wednesday, November 9th. It will start entering Poland from the northern part of the country. Over time, its presence will affect the rest of the country. Expect temperatures to drop and rain to be expected. Temperatures will drop below 10 degrees Celsius.

Frosts and snow on the horizon

IMGW weather forecasters announce that the third week of November will bring night frosts. And although the temperature should be positive during the day, you should not expect temperatures reaching just a few degrees. In the south and east, thermometers will show as low as -7 degrees Celsius at night.

Meteorologists predict the first snowfall this season, which may occur on November 19 in the east and south-east of the country.

Do you think these announcements will come true?

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