The first snowfall this season in Poland is behind us. Where it turned white. Is it a harbinger of the coming winter sooner?

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The first snowfall is behind us!

 The first snowfall this season in Poland is already behind us. /></p><p> According to the “Super Express” portal, the first snow this season fell on Sunday night in the highest parts of the Tatra Mountains. The white down on the Tatra peaks could be seen from Zakopane. On Łomnica there was recorded as much as 6 degrees below zero, and the wind speed measured there exceeded 100 km/h.</p><p> <strong> The first snow is behind us! </strong></p><p>On the night of September 11-12, snowfall was recorded in the highest parts of the Tatra Mountains. It happened above 2,500 m above sea level. Although we are still in the calendar summer, the ever-lower temperatures remind us that we are on the threshold of autumn and the winter that follows.</p><p> For many, the snow falling in September was a surprise. Therefore, mountain rescuers remind everyone who wants to reach the Tatra peaks to remember about proper preparation for the expedition. You should bring a warm jacket, gloves, hat as well as insulated pants and shoes.</p><p>In the morning we have to be prepared for the occurrence of negative temperatures on the Tatra trails. In areas where the shade remains during the day, temperatures can also remain below zero during the day. Particular attention should be paid in the vicinity of watercourses – icing may appear there.</p><p><center></p><blockquote class=

Spadł pierwszy śnieg w Tatrach ❄️🏔

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Does the snow in the Tatra Mountains herald the onset of winter?

It turns out that the September snowfall in the mountains is not a particularly surprising and unusual phenomenon. Weather forecasters indicate when snow and freezing temperatures appear in the rest of the country.

According to the meteorologist, a sunny and rather warm October is ahead of us. We can expect a winter attack at the turn of November and December. The current models show that this year's holidays can finally be white! However, it is worth remembering that long-term forecasts are associated with a high risk of error.

 First in this season the snowfall in Poland is behind us. Where it turned white. Is this a sign of a faster arrival of winter

Are you waiting for the first snowfall? Or maybe you are counting on a snowless winter?

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