The first snows fell in many places in Poland. What will the weather be like next and will more snow fall

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The coming of winter.

The first snows have fallen in many places in Poland. What will the weather be like and will more snow fall

The first snow in Przemyśl heralds a colder day, whichó in various parts of the country may be accompanied by freezing rain and snow.

Announcement of the arrival of winter seen outside the windows of many inhabitants of Poland

Winter is to last even longer than the end of next week . Rain and snow showers have been continuing in Podkarpacie since the morning. The streets and sidewalks are slippery and police officers are urging drivers to be careful.

Tereny Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie still maintain positive temperatures, but only by 1 degree. – The coldest in the Suwałki region – 6 degrees, close to the ground – 10 lines below zero in the center, 1 line plus at sea.

Frosty arctic air flows to Poland, and with it snowy weather, as the spokesperson of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management Grzegorz Walijewski.

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