The Flash: Ezra Miller's role has never been so threatened


It's been a while now. that Ezra Miller is in turmoil at because of the multiple setbacks that the actor has with the law. And while we already had you; revealed that he had posted curious messages following a his accusation of embezzlement as a minor, it seems that all these legal problems threaten more than ever the actor and his rôrwithin the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The Flash: the rô Ezra Miller's life has never been so threatened

the end of ezra miller as the flash?

Everything leaves to to think that Warner Bros. Discovery would not intend to continue to collaborating with Ezra Miller following the release of the DCEU's upcoming film, The Flash. The actor’s various high-profile legal entanglements have represented the actor&rsquos; what Deadline calls the “first cinematic crisis” for David Zaslav, CEO of the new entity; Warner Bros. Discovery, which aims to make the DC franchise a success similar to Disney's Marvel franchise. But it looks like Miller “just isn't part of those plans for the future of the [DC] Universe, whether there are further allegations or not”.

The actor has played the character of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, in the DCEU since 2016, and is expected to reprise his role in the upcoming solo film The Flash, which wrapped production last year and is slated for release in June 2023. chronicle lately, and many fans criticize Warner Bros. and ask that the actor is no longer attached to the movie.

The Flash: Ezra Miller's Role Has Never Been More Threatened

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. would have tried to get help for Miller. But as the controversies pile on, Zaslav is confronted with to a dilemma regarding the role of the actor in the film The Flash. He reports that Zaslav could either “retire” from promoting the film, and relegate it to the HBO Max streaming service, or “to look into the possibility of making the film a success and ditch Miller” if the situation does not improve. A source from the studio declared to; this topic:

There is no winner in this case for Warner Bros. […], The only hope is that the scandal stays at home. a low level up to the release of the film, and to hope that the best happens.

The actor had already made headlines earlier in the year, when a couple with whom Miller was staying in Hawaii asked legal protection against the actor, alleging that he threatened and robbed them. The couple would later ask; that the complaint be withdrawn, which has been do. But soon after, he was arrested by the Hawaiian police for harassment and disorderly behavior; in a bar while he allegedly attacked customers, including throwing a chair at a woman.

Earlier this month,the parents of 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes demanded that he an order of protection against Miller, alleging that the actor used; “violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia and drugs” to control their child since he was 12, the claims of his parents.

The Flash: the role of Ezra Miller has never been so threatened

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