The Flash: Warner is about to fire Ezra Miller from the DC universe


Following his multiple run-ins with the law, the interpreter of The Flash, Ezra Miller, could well be ousted from the DCEU for good.< /p>

Clearly, Warner hasn't finished wiping its brow. Between Johnny Depp's widely maligned dismissal from the production of Dumbledore's Secrets, the latter's lawsuit against Amber Heard, the outcome of which would have potentially pushed the studio to severely curtail the actress' presence at the poster of the next Aquaman, and the (too) multiple legal escapades of Ezra Miller, as much to say that the representatives of the company are not at the end of their sentences.

Lately, it's still the interpreter of The Flash, who shouldn't be putting on his Spandex costume anytime soon. While the cursed footage has been dragging its feet for several years now (eight, to be exact), and has suffered endless postponements since its impetus, Warner-DCEU studios finally managed to set a June 2023 release date.

However, it was without counting on the pathological inability of Ezra Miller to remain quiet for more than five minutes and to redeem himself in passing for decent driving. After strangling a fan at a bar in Iceland, it seems not a week has gone by without Miller being the subject of mind-boggling headlines.

Arrested for the first time in Hawaii on March 28 for disturbing public order and harassment, Ezra Miller had wasted no time after his release on bail to put the cover back, and break into a couple on the Pacific island. There, Miller would have threatened them with death before stealing several of their personal effects. Needless to say, the couple sought a restraining order against Ezra Miller.

Even more recently, Ezra Miller has been accused by the parents of a young non-binary teenager of having groomed (a form of psychological manipulation carried out by an adult on a generally minor person in order to facilitate the commission of a sexual offense against him) their child since 2016. The latter was then 12 years old, while Miller was already 23 years old.

An accusation that turned out to be the last straw for Warner, which hastened to hold a crisis meeting, and to temporarily interrupt each of the projects attached to Ezra Miller, that These are future installments in the Harry Potter franchise (although this start-up has been greatly compromised by the disastrous results of Dumbledore's Secrets at the box office), or its appearance in the various DCEU projects, with the exception, for the moment, of The Flash.

The future however, the footage remains uncertain. Admittedly, maintaining a theatrical release would cushion, at least partially, the non-negligible investment of time and resources employed in the production of Barry Allen's solo adventures. However, the various whiffs of scandal that have permeated the film over the years will certainly attract an embarrassing promotional tour for Warner and the DC Comics subsidiary.

Something to think about the merits of a potential exclusive broadcast on the HBO Max platform. All viable options that should be carefully considered by studios. Anyway, it's a safe bet that The Flash will be Ezra Miller's last appearance in the speedster costume.