The forest “hooligans” are on the attack again. They have entered the yard in a pack and are prowling. What was it


Media Obiegło a recording showing the perpetrators of the invasion of the property.

 The forest

Horned guests visited the property

Forest hooligans came back to each other in the winter, empty the pasture, eased the bird feeder & oacute; w and decided to return to the crime scene this summer to indulge in looting again.


On f on the acebook profile of Nadleśnictwo Hajn & oacute; wka, Lasy Państwowe, another video was released, where a few deer gnawing a tree and everything that could be gnawed were recorded.

The winter video showed the looters pretending to be birds eating their winged brothers and my sisters food from the feeder. Internet users are crazy about the love of these deer!

It should be noted, however, that the recording was made beyond the reach of animals. Approaching males or females with cubs is a highly risky move.

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