The four main symptom of diabetes listed endocrinologist

Endocrinologist Alexey Zilov listed four main symptom of diabetes, the presence of which should go to the doctor. Otherwise the disease will become chronic and will need injections of insulin.

Четыре главных признака диабета перечислил эндокринолог

To begin with, the endocrinologist advised to pay attention to body weight. Weight gain is the alarm bell, indicating a problem with the pancreas. Deserves unrest redness and peeling of the skin. They appear with increasing blood glucose. The doctor recommends to follow a diet, if suddenly the human started to pull for sweets and simple carbohydrates: rice, pasta, sweets and white bread, you should pass tests on sugar. Such culinary preferences talking about prediabetes. We are talking about a condition when the level of glucose in the body is on the limit.

The fourth symptom of diabetes is fibroids on the shoulders and back. Benign tumors are formed due to hormonal disruptions, and the latter arise due to the improper work of the pancreas. Recall that diabetes develops because of insulin deficiency in the body. The shortage appears to cause problems with the pancreas. To avoid the disease will help active lifestyle, vegetable, food, weight control and limiting sugar in the diet.

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