The four zodiac signs most likely to get fired from their jobs

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  • Four signs of the zodiac most often fired from work

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  • The four most frequently fired zodiac signs

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  • The four signs of the Zodiac, most frequently fired


  • The four signs of the zodiac most often fired from work

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  • The four signs of the Zodiac, most frequently fired

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  • Four signs of the zodiac most often fired from work

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The four signs of the Zodiac, who are most often fired from their jobs

Astrologers have noticed a risk group.

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Being fired from a job is one of the biggest troubles that can happen to any of us. The reasons can be different: from the narcissism of the boss to the negligence of the employee. However, American astrologers have come to the conclusion that representatives of some zodiac signs are more at risk of losing their jobs than others, the New York Post assures.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)< /p>

It is very difficult for representatives of this sign to bite their tongue, especially when the situation requires it. They are not good at controlling their emotions, and combined with a tendency to express bold opinions (even if no one asks them to), this is often to their detriment. Plus, Aries are very warlike in nature, it is important for them to be the first to shed blood or strike. The constant desire to be the first or the right one makes the representatives of this sign very obstinate employees, whom the management often wants to get rid of.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

If everything around is difficult, then this is an almost ideal situation for Virgos. They get angry when they are underestimated. This gives Virgos a sense of purpose and allows them to burn off anger as fuel for future success. Under no circumstances will representatives of this sign accept the fact that they are not appreciated. Or rather, they do not appreciate it to the extent that the Virgos themselves see it. They are willing to go all-in if they feel they are being used. Virgos themselves can provoke a conflict with the leadership, for them this is a kind of way to escape from a boring environment. Of course, sooner or later they will want to get rid of such conflicting employees. In many cases, Virgos are the architects of their own destruction.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Many Aquarians imagine themselves to be geniuses (at worst, the smartest), and geniuses, as you know, do not like to obey anyone. To kneel, to show flexibility or to follow the rules that they did not come up with – this is all not in the nature of Aquarius. Representatives of this sign are born to be leaders or think tanks. Aquarians often try to convince themselves of this. It is clear that the authorities do not like such subordinates very much.

FISH (February 19 – March 20)

If representatives of this sign are dissatisfied with the development of their career in the office, then they themselves will develop a scenario of actions, as a result of which they will be shown to the door. This also applies to the personal life of Pisces, who prefer to be abandoned partners than those who themselves abandon. They have an underlying fear of being labeled a “bad boy” or “bad girl.” Pisces also has a tendency to have office romances. They are also more likely to be scolded in the office for violating company policies regarding the use of office equipment.