The French economy facing the challenge of stagflation


The state will not be able to compensate for the losses caused by inflation forever. Waking up is difficult. What awaits us.

The French economy facing stagflation< /p> I subscribe for €1 for the 1st month

All eyes are on the legislative elections. Will Emmanuel Macron have an absolute majority in the National Assembly thanks to his allies grouped in Together? A relative majority? Can Jean-Luc Mélenchon and la Nupes still create a surprise?

Whoever wins, he will face an extremely degraded economic environment. France and the euro zone are flirting with more or less profound stagnation, that is to say very weak, even negative growth, coupled with an increasingly general rise in prices.

Contrary what happened during the health crisis, an extremely violent but temporary shock, the State will not be able to play the “whatever the cost” strategy forever. The return of inflation, which began well before the die