The French Parliament excludes an ultra deputy for two weeks for a racist comment

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  • Grégoire de Fournas, from Le Pen's party, is sanctioned for having told a deputy with Congolese roots to “go back to Africa”

  • He is the second member of the National Assembly temporarily excluded in the history of the Fifth Republic

The French Parliament excludes an ultra deputy for two weeks for a racist comment

The racist comment of an ultra-right deputy punished with the toughest parliamentary sanction in France. The National Assembly showed itself Relentless this Friday with the representative of the National Rally (RN, party of Marine Le Pen), Grégoire de Fournas, who said on Thursday that “return to Africa”while a representative of the left with Congolese roots spoke on the platform. The French Parliament decided this Friday sanction him with two weeks of exclusion from his esca. This is the second time in the history of the Fifth Republic that the lower house pronounces such a punishment.

The racist comment of the ultra deputy has generated a stir in France. “Given the seriousness of the facts” and the “legitimate emotion”, the president of the National Assembly, the centrist Yaël Braun-Pivet, suspended the trial. Thursday's parliamentary session. summoned a meeting of the Assembly tablein which it was decided this Friday apply the harshest sanction, later ratified in a vote in the hemicycle. In addition to the two week exclusion, the amount will be reduced. He will halve his salary in the next two months.

“We must not weaken our democracy, in a world so fractured it is our most precious asset. I ask that there be dignity in our debates & rdquor ; the President of the Assembly in announcing this decision. “There can be no racism in our seats. Get out!” Mathilde Panot, representative of the NUPES coalition, formed by the France Insumisa (related to Podemos in France), the Socialist Party, the greens and the communists. It was a deputy of this coalition, the unsubmissive Carlos Martens Bilongo —born in France, but the son of Congolese parents—, who was insulted while making a speech about the humanitarian ships that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean.

Known for his xenophobic tweets

“I am totally innocent of the facts that reproach me. I consider this sanction, of an unprecedented harshness, as a great injustice & rdquor ;, reacted De Fournas, one of the 89 deputies (out of a total of 577 seats) that the RN currently has in the Assembly. Before the commotion generated by the words of him, he defended & gué; assuring that he actually said “let them go back to Africa” and that he was referring to the humanitarian ships. 

However, these excuses did not convince the vast majority of deputies-from the left to the Republican right, passing through the center of Macron-mdash; who voted in favor of the sanction. De Fournas had already made several racist tweets in the past accusing Africans of being in love with French social assistance or that “we must expel all Malians from France”.

Despite repeated calls for her to resign, Le Pen defended her resignation. to the deputy of him and considered & gué; that the sanction “is far from freedom of expression, from democracy.” The controversy over this racist comment occurred practically on the eve of the congress that the RN is holding on Saturday in Paris. A national meeting in which the The name of the new president of a xenophobic and ultra-nationalist party was named. MEP Jordan Bardella and the mayor of Perpignan, Louis Aliot, are competing to succeed Le Pen, who will continue as head of the party. being the leader of this space. 

Although this congress is presented as one more stage in the normalization of the RN, which aspires to become a As a party like the others, this strategy has been hampered by these xenophobic statements. “I have always been convinced that the National Regrouping is a racist group and this confirms it once again,” said Bilongo.