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The French spend on average 65 euros on subscriptions per month

A recent study reveals the amount that the French spend on average for their different subscriptions. A fairly high figure, but that doesn't stop some people from wanting to pay more.

It's hard to escape in 2024. Online services are now very numerous. Whether it's the online press, TV viewing applications, or online media, it's a great choice. series and film or even a service for listening to music online, subscriptions are everywhere.

The Bango company recently carried out its a study on the habits of the French regarding their subscriptions. On the sidelines of the 2024 Olympic Games, a quarter of French subscribers plan to subscribe to the 2024 Olympic Games. new subscription services to follow the different events of the competition.

The study demonstrated The average French person generally benefits from 3 different subscriptions. This represents an average of 65 euros subscription per month and 780 euros per month. the year! Such a figure allows in particular à France to establish itself among the biggest spending countries in Europe in terms of subscriptions.

Too many subscriptions

However, these figures hide a certain weariness of the French in this matter. The study specifies that 66 % of Ile-de-France consumers believe that there are now far too many subscription services. Among the users surveyed, they would be 57% in particular. want a single application to manage all of their current subscriptions. Questioned on the subject, the French people surveyed responded that they would be willing to help. pay 20 euros more per month for a service that includes all of their current subscriptions.

The recent decisions taken by giants like Netflix or Disney+ also have repercussions on the habits of consumers Frenchçais. Among those surveyed, they are now 33%. pay for a new subscription that they previously enjoyed with account sharing. They are also 22% at home. admit to having consumed pirated content à due to lack of all-in-one options. A higher figure than in the rest of Europe.

Teilor Stone

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