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The French's favorite operator is releasing 3 CRAZY packages (and it's not Bouygues, Orange or SFR) 😱

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Based in Aix-en-Provence, Prixtel is an MNVO that is growing and attracting more and more French people. It owes its success to its different approach to mobile plans. While all the other players such as Bouygues, Orange, Free and even SFR offer classic packages, Prixtel goes against the trend with its flexible packages. Concretely, these allow you to have more internet when you need it, for a small supplement which is added to the base price.

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In this way, this allows you to pay as close as possible to what you actually consume every month – and saves you from going out of package, or having to change your offer every four mornings. The other advantage you have from choosing a Prixtel package is the quality of the network, that of the historic operator SFR. But also a wide coverage of the territory, which continues to improve over time.

In other words, you benefit from exactly the same services and mobile internet speeds as its subscribers, as if you were there. With that said, much lower prices. Without commitment, Prixtel packages are also CO2 neutral. Another good point, especially if you want to go with another offer without having to pay additional costs, or give notice or proof. You will also make a gesture for the planet, which nowadays is essential to preserve a healthy environment for years to come.

Prixtel packages: summer essentials

Among the range of Prixtel packages, three offers caught our attention. Named Oxygène, Le Petit and Le Grand, they should be able to meet the needs of very different profiles. Here's what to remember about each of them, and the key elements to take into account when choosing the one that suits you best.

Le grand package: maximum 5G internet

So we start with the Le grand package which includes 200 to 250 GB of 5G internet from 9.99 euros per month. Perfect for people who consume a lot of online content, it will allow you to never run out of internet on a daily basis. Indeed, with such a generous envelope, you will have enough to watch numerous films and series in streaming, be able to listen to music and podcasts all day long from Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, or even browse the internet and social networks with almost no limits.

The Le grand package also includes an internet envelope that can be used abroad, from European Union countries and overseas departments. You therefore have 15 GB (in 4G) from these destinations, but also unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, valid both in France and from EU and DOM. In terms of price, for 9.99 euros, you can use up to 200 GB during the month. Between 200 and 220 GB, it will cost you 12.99 euros, while the last slice, between 220 and 250 GB, will cost you 15.99 euros.

Le petit package: the essentials to stay connected

Let's continue with the Le petit package, which allows you to have 30 to 50 GB of internet from 4.99 euros per month. This is Prixtel's most affordable package, available only on SFR's 4G network. If you are often at home or in the office, and you mainly use the Wi-Fi network, this is a very good choice. Indeed, with Le petit, you will have enough internet if you occasionally connect to the internet from your smartphone or tablet.

For a teenager, it will be ideal, and will largely cover all their uses. Especially when we know full well that internet browsing and social networks are prevalent in this age category. For video and music streaming, it will also do the trick, provided that it remains punctual. In terms of price, Prixtel still remains very competitive, with a base price of 4.99 euros for 30 GB. Simply by way of comparison, at RED by SFR, for 5.99 euros you have 30 GB, and for this same price, you have to make do with only 20 GB at B&You.

With the Petit package, you can go beyond 30 GB, for an additional €2 for an additional 10 GB extension. So, this gives respectively: 6.99 euros up to 40 GB used, and 8.99 euros up to 50 GB (maximum limit). Here too, Prixtel grants you 15 GB from the EU and the French Overseas Territories, and the telephone services are unchanged compared to the Le grand package.

Oxygen Package: the happy medium

If you already know that your mobile internet consumption exceeds 100 GB, we will advise you to go with the Oxygène package, undoubtedly the best compromise between Le grand and Le petit. With it, you can use 120 to 160 GB from 7.99 euros per month. Available in 5G, the Oxygen package will easily cover all the types of uses previously mentioned, provided of course that you do not exceed the maximum allocated 160 GB.

For roaming and included telephone services, they are still the same as the other two packages, namely 15 GB from the EU and DOM, but also unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Be careful not to wait too long if this Oxygen package appeals to you, since it is a limited series. In other words, it is not destined to remain available online for long. So now is the time to take advantage of it.

The French's favorite operator is releasing 3 CRAZY packages (and it's not Bouygues, Orange or SFR) 😱

The Oxygène package © Prixtel

The French's favorite operator, n°1 for the quality of its customer service

As reported in a recent study carried out in May 2024, Prixtel is the preferred mobile operator of the French. Still as part of this study conducted by ZoneFibreADSL, a comparator of Internet box offers and mobile plans, Prixtel also stands out for the quality of its customer service, since the operator is ranked no. 1, with the best satisfaction rating of 4.2/5.

Let us recall in passing that being a virtual operator, Prixtel offers its services, but also customer relations in a 100% digital way. Understand by this that with him, it is possible to manage your package independently, from your customer area or the Prixtel mobile application. Thanks to a comprehensive FAQ and online chat, it will be easy for you to get answers to your questions, 24/7.

If you are unable to find a solution, your message will then be forwarded to their team of web advisors, based in Aix-en-Provence. You have understood, choosing Prixtel means trusting a popular operator, who listens to its subscribers, who offers flexible mobile plans at low prices, which will allow you to make great savings every month, all with quality services.

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