The friendly between Almería and the Scottish Hearts was suspended due to a fight between players

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  • The game was suspended in the final stretch of the first half after a fight caused by a tackle without a ball by Harry Cochrane (Hearts) on Álex Pozo and a subsequent attack by Rodrigo Ely, an action that caused the Tangana between soccer players from both teams.

The friendly between Almería and Scottish Hearts was suspended due to a fight between players

The friendly preparation for the return The competition played at the La Fuensanta Stadium (Cuenca) between UD Almería and Heart of Midlothian of Scotland was suspended before half-time following a fight between players from both teams.

The origin of the brawl h3>

The conflict began when Harry Cochrane, a footballer for the Edinburgh team, left the court. go leg over &Aaacute;lex Pozoonce the side of the Indá team had already made a pass back and found himself without the ball.

Ely's punch

The youth squad player Sevilla rebuked him for not being able to do it. The action hit the Scottish player, but what really fueled the action The mood on the green was the behavior of Rodrigo Ely, Almería central defender. The Brazilian, who was a few meters from the action, ran forward. He went straight to Cochrane and gave him a blow. a punch.

Ely's assault led to the attack. the tangana between footballers of both teams. Initially, the referee expelled the team. Cochrane received a direct red card for his action on Pozo and the Andalusian defender for his punch against the Scotsman.

Suspension of the match

Finally, once he saw that the game had completely gotten out of hand, the arbitrator opted to for pointing the way to the locker room tunnel and calling the match over.

In the 38 minutes of play that had been played up to then, Almería had won He scored by the minimum (1-0) after having taken the lead just before half an hour through Dyego Sousa, whom Stewart, the Hearts goalkeeper, < strong>he stopped him a penalty a quarter of an hour into the match.

Preparing for the second leg

After losing their first friendly against the Austrian Strum Graz (0-1), Almería, directed by Joan Francesc Ferrer 'Rubi', will face off against al-Nassr Saudi and Torino, from Serie A, in the coming days, before visiting Cádiz in the return of La Liga next December 30 at 7:15 p.m.